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Health Care- Mark Warner
Mark R. Warner is currently serving as the United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Warner is a member of the democratic party, and does believe in Health Care Reform for the United States. For quite some time many people believed that he was going to pursue presidency in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections. Warner decided in 2006 that he would not run, because he wanted to stick close to his family. Warner believes that we need a comprehensive health care reform to achieve a more efficient system, and wants to focus on ensuring all Americans with health coverage. He wants the small businesses to achieve health care, provide children and elderly with health insurance, he wants to cut the spending on health care, and believes the structure that he is setting up will provide a better future for the economy, and cover the people of the U.S.

Health care seems to be one of the biggest issues that Warner is focused on, and is taking full action to help achieve Health Care reform. In 2009 Warner voted in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is also known as "Obama care." He also proposed the package of amendments to the health care reform or "Value & Innovation," to help modernized America's health care system, and help accelerate the process. The amendments would help expand coverage on health care, encourage improvement in the health care, accelerate the process quicker, and help cut costs. Warner is also focused on small businesses in America, he explains how small businesses pay full retail for their health care, and are the only people that pay fully for health care. Small businesses across America are struggling to keep with up with the economy, finances, and try to expand in America. Warner wants to help small business by cutting health taxes that the small businesses need to pay in order to give health care to their employees. He believes that small businesses are the future of America to help drive competition, and innovation but with expensive health care the businesses are limited to what they can spend, and don't grow. Many small businesses argue against health care, because they believe that they will not be able to afford the costs, and may have to cut jobs. Warner states that the health care bill, "will provide tax credits to small businesses to help them continue to offer health insurance to their employees, or offer it for the first time." He also argues that small businesses will benefit from health insurance, and have more options to affordable health insurance.

Marjorie Warner, the mother of Mark Warner was affected by Alzheimer's Disease, and for 10 years she couldn't say a word. He didn't know what she needed, or what she was feeling. He was clearly affected by her death, and it is part of the reason why Warner wants to help improve Medicare. In a interview, Warner clearly shows his passion/belief in supporting the elderly with healthcare by stating, "I know firsthand the challenge of ensuring that loved ones with advanced illnesses not only get the best care possible -- but also the care that they want." Warner is trying his best to cut the expenses of Medicare, and wants to provide coverage to all the elderly people in the U.S. He wants to help the elderly by giving free checkups, free services, decrease the cost of drugs, increase Medicare benefits, and faster responsive times in hospitals . He also wants to provide the children with Medicaid, and is important to him that every eligible child gets the health care they need. He is trying to stop health insurance companies from saying no to children with pre-existing conditions, and help provide financial support for those companies to help the children.

Warner believes as a country if we just ignore the issue of health care, and do nothing to help people, it will explode the federal deficit, double the...

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