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Malcolm Enger


Sep 29, 2011

To Drill or Not do Drill

It is not easy question regarding whether America should attempt to drill its way out of dependency on foreign oil or to push hard for alternative energies. Many considerations need to be examined; environmental concerns including global warming, employment, big business, and monetary issues including the trade balance, foreign policy, and special interest groups.

An article by Stephen L. Baird titled Offshore Oil Drilling: Buying Energy Independence or Buying Time? Looks at both sides of the issue. Baird cites several polls that show growing support for offshore drilling, and that energy exploration is more important than conservation. Baird states that America imports only 16 percent of crude oil from Persian Gulf countries, and for 2006 Canada and Mexico were America’s two biggest of foreign suppliers of crude oil. He also mentions of how some of Alaska’s crude oil is transported to Japan simply because it is more efficient to do so. Over the last 35 years Presidents have promised to make sure that America would not have a future energy problem. Yet concern for oil and energy has also grown over the decades as the economies for both the United States and other countries have expanded.

On April 28, 2010 in Macon, Missouri, President Obama gave a short speech at the POET Bio refining plant where he talked about the subjects of foreign oil dependency. The environmental costs of relying fossil fuels, and clean and alterative energies. Not to mention al the new jobs that he believes will be created by following his energy security plan. Obama was honest in talking about how moving forward clean energy is a long-term plan that could take decades to come to fruition.

In searching the University Library I did not discover any articles that openly opposed investing in alternative energies. Even though I was hoping to find at least one that was strongly opposed to investing in clean energy...

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