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Because she was unable to lie any more; she had inner conflict which has been reflected as a stream of unconscious thoughts about the terrible she'd been throw, which awakened her soul to tell the truth under any | |circumstance |

| | |

She had thought herself free from lust and vile passions, free to live the clean and healthy life of the spirit

It reflects Kitty and Charlie relationship. When he let her down in the beginning of the story and tried to get her back after Walter death with few charming words. She saw him as silly and worthless as a man comparing to Walter, therefore, she kicked him out of her heart. "Please go away,' she sobbed."That's the only thing you can do for me. I hate and despite you. Walter was worth ten of you and I was too big a fool to see it. Go away. Go away." 13-She was disappointed in her mother because she had no intention of being saddled with a widowed daughter.

12-Because she thinks of herself a dirty dog not abit better than charley.

11-To show respect and admiration for kitty bravery to travel with Walter into the jaws of death, to help the people there and, to offset her for the death of Walter.

5-Kitty describes her as very beautiful elegant women with a painted face, little shy but impressive; She has the most beautiful hands kitty ever seen She was impressive as she sat, without embarrassment, in her beautiful clothe; and from the painted face the eyes looked out wary, self possessed, and unfthomable. she was unreal like a picture, and yet had an elegance which made kitty feel all thumbs
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