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Summer Vacation Assignment-2013-2014

• As per the recommendation by CBSE read the novel ‘Gulliver’s’ Travels’ by Jonathan swift. • In reference to the above novel prepare a ‘ Book Review’ (Gulliver’s Travels part I) • Answer the following questions on A4 size ruled sheets. Q1 Discuss the various features of life of the Brobdingnagians in comparison to those of the people of Britain.

Q2. Give the character sketch of the following
I. Glumdalclitch
II. Mr. Thomas Wilcocks
III. King of Liliput
IV. King of Brobdingnag
V. King of Luggnagg

Q3. Discuss the oddities of ‘Flying or Floating Island’.

Q4. Gulliver never intended to visit Glubbdubdrib. However when he visited this island, why did he come back from it much wiser and better informed?

Subject: Political Science

Note: Use a A4 size sheet for writing answers
Read the following passage and answer the following questions. .
In China, elections are regularly held after every five years for electing the country’s parliament called Quango Renmin Daibiao Dahni (National’s People Congress).The National People’s Congress has the power to appoint the president of the country. It has nearly 3000 members elected from allover China. Some members are elected by the army .Before contesting elections a candidate needs the approval of the Chinese communist Party .Only those who are the members of the Chinese Communist Party or eight smaller parties allied to it were allowed to contest elections held in 2002-2003.The Government is always formed by the Communist party.

Q1. If elections are held regularly in China then why the government is always formed by the Communist party?

Q2.What is the criteria for a candidate /a party to contest elections in China?

Q3.Who has the power to appoint the President of China?

Subject: Economics

Instructions: Read the chapter and answer the following on A4 size sheets :

Unit: The Story Of Village Palampur.

A) Identify the following as fixed capital or working capital.

|Items of expenditure |Fixed capital |Working capital | |Bullock cart | | | |Tube well | | | |Jute fibre to make sacks | | | |Electricity | | | |Loan to buy a tractor | | | |Cash in hand to buy different tems like | | | |seeds etc | | |

B) What are the three resources which a modern farmer is likely to use on his farm? C) Which area in India first witnessed Green revolution?
D) Why did they adopt the Green Revolution?
E) What benefit did the region reap?
F) What has happened to the same land over a period of time? G) You want to establish a carpentry shop. What factors of production would you require for this business and why?

Subject: Disaster Management

Task: Project: - Specific Hazard and Mitigation
∙ Meaning of Mitigation
∙Significance of Mitigation
∙Mitigation’s value to society:
(A)Floods: Meaning, warning and Mitigation (with illustrations) Mitigation...
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