Uttara Bank

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A Bank Is A Financial Institution And A Financial Intermediary That Accepts Deposits And Channels Those Deposits Into Lending Activities, Either Directly By Loaning Or Indirectly Through Capital Markets. A Bank Is The Connection Between Customers That Have Capital Deficits And Customers With Capital Surpluses. Uttara bank

Uttara Bank-one of the largest and oldest private-sector commercial bank in Bangladesh, with years of experience. Adaptation of modern technology both in terms of equipment and banking practice ensures efficient service to clients. 215 branches at home and 600 affiliates worldwide create efficient networking and reach capability. Uttara is a bank that serves both clients and country. Departments

1.General Banking: General Banking is an operational function of the bank which consists the management of deposit, cash, clearing house, bills, account opening, security instruments handling, customer services, locker facilities and other ancillary services of the bank besides Advance and Foreign Trade. 2.Foreign exchange: The foreign exchange department is responsible for dealing with and managing the purchase and sale of foreign currencies and is a highly specialized business. All banks, private or state owned, have foreign exchange departments that work closely with the foreign exchange markets in each country trading with other financial centers worldwide. The greatest share of currency trading is specific to a banks own account although a small proportion will be on behalf of its personal customers. 3.Loan Department: The duties of the loan department of a bank are: a. Receive loan applications from customers

b. Process and evaluate loan applications
c. Approve/Reject loans
d. Plan monthly repayments for loans and intimate the customers e. Receive monthly loan repayments and consolidate them
f. Identify potential loan customers and service them
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