Utopian Promise of America

Topics: United States, Utopia, Culture Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: September 19, 2005
The early settlers came to America for many reasons. Some came to America for religious purposes and others simplify to escape Great Britain. Whatever the reason was they saw America for what it really was, a new beginning. They viewed America with pride and came to describe it as “ a shining city on a hill”. I feel that America is still viewed today as “a shining city on a hill,” because it offers unlimited opportunities, has equality and rights, and is a melting pot of cultures. The basic opportunities in America surpass those of any other country. Everyone living in America has the opportunity to get an education. I think that education is a must for a utopian society. There are many programs that help and give opportunities to the less fortunate. Programs such as the Salvation Army, The Red Cross, Welfare, Medicaid, and Medicare. All these programs were created to help give everyone the opportunity to succeed and not be left behind. Also America offers employment so citizens can move ahead in life. Employment is the core basis to keep a society up and functioning. With employment one is given the opportunity to not stay where one is but to move up and progress. This opens the door to change, and change is always a good thing. Equality is a big characteristic of American culture. Not every culture sees women and men as equal. In America women can work alongside men as well as vote and hold political offices. In other countries women can barely show their faces. I think that in order to become a perfect society people can not view other people different based on the color, sex, or religion. Everyone is to be viewed the same and treated equally. Rights are very important factors in society. In American everyone has certain rights that can not be tampered with. This leads back to equality, everyone’s rights are equal. Also everyone is aware of the rights they have from being American and certainly put them to use. Today America is a melting pot...
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