Utopian Design

Topics: Intentional community, Cohousing, Utopia Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: November 9, 2006
Jenna Haag
Political Utopia
Final Utopian Design

I envision both an intentional community and, eventually, a global utopia. The goal of the intentional community would be to serve as a model which would, I hope, inspire others to emulate it, contributing to a wave of evolutionary change. Its fundamental values and concepts would be a high degree of individual freedom coupled with a high degree of individual responsibility, voluntary cooperation, mutual aid, freedom of association (and freedom to disassociate) democratic decision making, ecological sustainability, feminism, the personal as political, personal development, creative involvement, dealing openly with emotional and sexual issues, and healing the rift between the sexes. In short, I'd want a community whose dual goals were broad social change and personal transformation. Because I believe that a small-scale utopia will (obviously) be much easier to achieve in the short run than a global utopia, I'm outlining my vision for an intentional community rather than a global utopia.

In the community, I would want to work with only those who share our fundamental goals, values, and commitments. To attempt to be more "inclusive" would lead to loss of focus. So, finding the right people would be my first goal.

In regard to the physical site, I would want to avoid social stratification through having either common ownership, renting, or a land trust, with all those living there contributing to the costs. We do not want a stratified community with owners and renters. As for children, I like the model in which children live collectively with a few adult caretakers in a "children's house." Their parents interact with them as much or as little as is mutually agreeable, which I believe is healthier than inescapable, nuclear family interaction. As to education, we would prefer a "free school" environment, rather than forcing children to endure captivity in "public" (government) indoctrination...
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