Utopia : a Perfect Place?

Topics: Utopia, Dystopia, Fahrenheit 451 Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: May 31, 2006
Utopia :often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects, and an impractical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform.
Each person has their own vision of utopia, the above sentance is Oxford's Dictionary's definition of it. Utopia means an ideal state, a paradise, a land of enchantment. It has been a central part of the history of ideas in Western Civilization. Philosophers and writers continue to imagine and conceive plans for an ideal state even today. They use models of ideal government to express their ideas on contemporary issues and political conditions. Man has never of comparing the real and ideal, actuality and dream, and the stark facts of human condition and hypothetical versions of optimum life and government.

From the time when humanity was able to believe in it, Utopia has existed as a mere word, thought or principle. It is a place that is hoped for, and is also a society that was and is apparently deemed to be possible, or is it? The Mirriam-Webster's dictionary defines it as "an imaginary and indefinitely remote place of ideal perfection in laws, government and social conditions." It doesn't exist. It cannot exist because of our nature, our practices, and our imperfections. Actually the only Utopia in the world is Utopia, Texas. I find that quite ironic, Utopia in Texas. Don't believe me, here's the zip code, 78884.

Since the dawn of man, the world has always been in dissonance. This is because of the differences from one person to another and the uniqueness each individual possesses. For a Utopian society to exist, support and combined focus of individuals who have the same ideals are needed. In order for a perfect society to thrive, its inhabitants must have one idea of perfection. However, there will always be someone who will go astray and believe otherwise because apparently, if a person is able to hold unto individuality, many others will as well.

In the nineteenth...
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