Topics: Catholic Church, Protestant Reformation, Christianity Pages: 3 (1264 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Thomas More wrote Utopia a few years before the Protestant Reformation, during a period rife with religious instability. Not everyone trusted the corrupt Roman Catholic Church, and many Europeans looked elsewhere for their religious inspiration. Though the Utopian religion has some similarities with Catholicism and Protestantism, it is an entirely unique belief system uninfluenced by the numerous European faiths of the period. The main thing the sets the Utopian religion apart is its complete religious tolerance. While all the Utopian religions are monotheistic and call their god by a general Utopian term of Mithras, they disagree on who exactly Mithras is. The only belief that is not allowed is atheism. Utopians feel that if an individual does not think that he is responsible for his actions, and that there is one Supreme Being who controls the world, then there is nothing to stop him from breaking laws and causing disorder. The Utopians don’t believe in predestination like many sects of Protestantism does. All the religions meet at one church and serve under the same priest. In church one is not allowed to say anything that’s offensive to another religion because of on early Utopian law saying that no one should suffer or be made uncomfortable due to his religion. A Utopian can try to convert others to their religion if they are able to present their argument calmly and reasonably. All this is very different from any of the European religions, who were constantly going to war with each other in the name of god. Catholic kings would go on crusades against the Muslims; Jews during the Spanish Inquisition were kicked at of their homes and persecuted for believing differently, and after the protestant reformation Catholics and Protestants had years of bloody warfare. Even the religious leaders themselves would start war, such as when Luther declared war on the Jews and the peasants. Religious tolerance was something that didn’t come to Europe until much later....
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