Utopia or dystopia

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Different world’s essay
Utopia or dystopia

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry is like any other novel and to every novel there are two ideas and concepts that you may apply to the novel; the one each person thinks of is determined by the different clarification and interpretation the book. In analysis of the building of Jonas’s community, some may debate that the community is a utopia or a dystopia. Some may claim of it being a utopia based on the way that they want their world to be and that is different based on each ones opinion of a utopia, while others may argue of it in being a dystopia and claiming that it is not fit for living, maybe someone has a good point there. There are different things in the normal community than in Jonas’s community some may be good and some may be bad.

The Givers community is particularly different than our own community; again everyone has their own definition of the word normal in this world. Jonas’s community may differ from many communities based on a few points, one of these points is that they are always under surveillance and no one is ever alone and you can never do anything without the people knowing; of course the Givers room is an exception. Like when Jonas said that he was starving and they heard him over the microphones. They have all their lives planned out since the moment they are born; even the facts that they don’t even go to live with their birthparents, they even have a ceremony that they get to receive things in and where they claim their jobs. Then all throughout the years they can never do anything that is against the rules and they would get punished if they do, the punishment isn’t even decided by the parents it's decided by the even use of excessive language and over exaggerated language is not allowed, once again just like what happened with Jonas in the cafeteria when he stated that he was hungry. Once they have grown old, like elderly not just adults, they get a treatment like the kings and queens;...
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