Utopia Essay

Topics: Sociology, Renaissance, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: July 16, 2010
Utopia Essay Half Yearly
Thomas More, through Utopia (1516) _______. More’s exquisite novel was greatly influenced by historical, personal/political contexts. More creates alternative regulations whereby all the evils and corruptions of society are removed. His main ideas focus on leadership and governance and social political structure of societies. Through the ideas he instructs, More employs a variety of techniques. More’s interesting three part structured novel helps enhance this publication. More was heavily influenced by a variety of contexts. Utopia reflects upon society in the 16th century. The 16th century brought about many new ideas in More’s society, one of which was Humanism. This was a secular movement that generally stated humans were the ultimate creatures and placed them in the centre of the universe. More was directly linked to the Italian humanist tradition through his teacher at Cambridge. Another difference that was brought into society at this time was the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a time that took renewed interests in the arts of Classical Greek and Rome. Also during this time, writers produced rich and vibrant literature. More’s personal and political context mainly affected what he wrote. His position as an important adviser to the king meant that he had thorough knowledge of how society and political methods were run. His background as a scholar also credited for his influenced views of good leadership and governance. These ideas are reflected in book one. More also shows his intellect by showing knowledge of classical books, laws and philosophies. Utopia is a direct response to the context he lived in. More’s contexts greatly influenced his text.

Leadership and governance is a central theme in the book, Utopia. Throughout book one, More and Raphael argue, and through this Raphael makes major points on the immoral use of power in societies. Raphael’s meeting with John Morton is mentioned in detail by Raphael. He uses this...
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