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Proposition that requires experimentation
This idea will seem crazy to most people in the world. I hope at least 5000 agree with me and would be willing to volunteer themselves and also their future generations for an experiment. To reach a definite set of results, this test will take between 100 and 200 years to complete.

In today’s world, people dream too much. From birth, children are taught that they can be anything they want to if they put their mind to it. This is a weakness and is nowhere near true. People don’t know what is best for themselves. A country can be kept much stronger, thus making all citizens’ lives more enjoyable, if they are assigned their jobs based on their abilities. More on this later.

One of the greatest weaknesses of America is welfare. Whose brilliant idea was it to give people money for doing nothing? And what is the reason for punishing the people who pull their own weight with outrageous tax rates? If you cannot conform to the structure of society, you do not belong there. These heretics must be dealt with. More on that later as well.

Let us first talk about the expectations of my utopian society before we get into all of the punishments. I think everything in life requires structure. A small country is a governable country. The population should not fluctuate. Through the entire experiment, there should be exactly 5000 people in each generation. The exact number will be adjusted to account for health complications and other forms of unexpected death. But, as our technological abilities advance due to the effects of the experiment, I hope to be able to get this number down to exactly 5000 people with no estimation at all. This is critical to the purity of the experiment because the society is designed to support exactly 5000 people per generation. There will be exactly 8000 jobs, estimating a retirement age of 60. The infrastructure will be kept strong by keeping a set number of workers in each field. For example, if it takes 10 people to collect the garbage of 5000, then there will always be 10 garbage collectors with no fluctuation. If the government knows how many people to support and is sure that no fluctuation will happen, then it can spend more time improving the quality of life for the citizens. That is the role of government. To make life easy for its people and give them nothing to worry about. Government does not control the lives of people or enforce punishments for wrongdoing.

The first generation of the experiment is newborns. Any child over 6 months of age is already corrupted by the outside world and cannot be used. They will be raised with the ideal that hard work is the way to success and that there is no use in dreaming because it just distracts them from the structured path. They will all be brothers and sisters of the same family, raised as one. They will be raised taught that they form the body; they move the soul of the government and give it identity. In turn, the soul will nourish them and make them prosperous. No one rich, no one poor. Everyone is provided with what they need and can purchase items that they think will improve their lives. But, like a drug addict allowing the drugs to tell them how much drug they want and when they want it, once they allow material items to control their desires they have gone too far. They will be raised in poverty to teach them why we are doing this. We are doing this so that no one ever has to live like that. Hopefully they will forgive me for treating them this way and understand that what we are doing is the right thing. Later in life, they will appreciate this valuable lesson and understand our way of life.

Education is much too complicated. We cram a student’s brain full of the general knowledge of everything without specializing them in what they need to know. Through the first 15 years of education, children will be taught basic knowledge (language, arithmetic,...
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