Utilizing Technology: Law Enforcement Style

Topics: Police, Infrared, Crime Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Utilizing Technology: Law Enforcement Style
Ashley Fortin
Everest University- Introduction to Criminal Justice

Law enforcement officers are engaging in new technologies in order to better assist the community. Our world is evolving and moving rapidly into a technology based civilization, we rely on technology for almost everything we do these days. It only makes sense that our officers utilize the technologies that will help them conduct better investigations, and also keep themselves safer as well. Technology has come so far in law enforcement, in 1964 the only city that had a police computer system, was St. Louis. (Siegel & Worrall, 2010) There are so many technological advances that it is becoming increasingly easier to apprehend suspects and criminals. However, more and more criminals are finding ways to try and “beat” the system and find ways to evade the police, which pose more problems. This makes getting our officers trained quickly in these new procedures a must, because the quicker they are trained, the quicker they can use the procedures in the field. So which new technological procedures do I think will be the most effective? Well, I think that HDS and TI , will be the most effective, and they are already proving themselves to be. These procedures require training, and can cost a pretty penny, but the fact is that it is worth it.

High Definition Surveying has been used for quite a while in construction and contracting businesses, but more recently it has been found to be of great help in the law enforcement field. Basically what HDS does is it uses lasers to make three dimensional spatial coordinates that are calculated and stored in algebraic equations. (Siegel & Worrall, 2010) Essentially it makes a 3D carbon copy of the initial crime scene before anything has been touched. This gives the chance of contaminating the crime scene almost obsolete. HDS has helped many investigations, from the police all the way to the prosecutors....
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