Utility of Domesticated Animals

Topics: Milk, Livestock, Camel Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: February 25, 2013
The biosphere around us comprises of plants, animals and humans. Each has its own role and part to play. They contribute immensely to make it functional and viable for each other. It is indeed true that it would not be full circle if one part or whole would be missing. Man however has utilized his supreme intelligence to extract the best from plants and animals for his very existence and to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Man has domesticated animals since times immemorial. It is man who has used camels, horses, cows, sheep, goat and dogs for his own needs.

A camel is an amazing animal inhabitant to the dry desert. The shorter, two-humped Bactrian camels are cold climate camels while the Arabian camels having a single hump live in hot deserts. Camels provide transport, shade, milk, meat, wool and hides. Their gait like a rolling boat has earned it the adage of being the ship of the desert. Camel has a large mouth with sharp teeth to eat thorny bushes, grass, grains, seeds and dates. Long eyelashes, ear hair and sealable nostrils protect it from sand. Camels have long, thin legs with powerful muscles which carry heavy loads over long distances. Camel's milk is more nutritious than cow's milk; low in fat and is sweet. Young male camels have the best camel meat and its hump is a delicacy. Camel's hair makes high quality coats, artists brushes and garments. a camel draws energy from its hump fat during its long and tedious journeys. the God gifted camel is the symbol of adaptability and toughness.

A cow is a gentle animal. It is revered as the second mother to millions for its milk. They are found in herds on farms. They are raised for milk, meat and leather. They graze on grass and feed on grains, crops and legumes. India has the largest number of cattle in the world followed by Brazil and China. Its milk is used to make cheese, butter, ghee, cottage cheese, curd, whey, sweets and ice-cream. Its hide is used for leather to make shoes and clothing. Combs are made...
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