utilitarianism ethics and deontological ethics

Topics: Ethics, Virtue ethics, Thought Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 18, 2014
I am a person in the middle of the road between utilitarianism ethics and deontological ethics. Generally, the good is preferred than the right under utilitarianism theory while the right is more appreciated than the good under deontological ethics. But for me, the good and the right are equally important, and there is no preference between the two. Strictly speaking, it is also really hard to distinguish between the good and the right. Something may be good only when it is right while something may be right only when it is good. For example, the treatment plan for disease is good only when the patient uses the right medication in the right way, and the changing of tax code is right only when it is good for the public. People always have misconception about utilitarianism that they believe utilitarianism plays a significant role in causing moral thinking crisis for the society and unhappiness for individuals. I am not sure about utilitarianism’s role in moral thinking, but I believe it is not the one that always causes unhappiness, but the one that actually brings pleasure. Many things may be right but painful to conduct. For example, if one is diagnosed with cancer, the right thing to do is to begin radiotherapy treatment, which is really painful for the patient. If he or she cannot stand the pain and suffer from the treatment, the ‘right’ decision made before become the reason of the pain. Then the patient may give out the treatment and seek what is really good for himself or herself, like going on a vacation trip or spending time with family and friends. In conclusion, good or right, depends on different situations, and both should be taken into consideration when dealing with difficult situations. In addition, good for whom? Right for whom? Something may be right or good for you, but not for others. Something may be right but bad for you, but good and wrong for others. Things really become complex when it comes to philosophy because there is no definition...
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