Utilitarian View on Abortion

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Utilitarian View on Abortion

Utilitarianism is the thought that actions are right if they benefit or bring happiness to a majority of the population. A utilitarian’s view on abortion could be that it is a good thing or a bad thing. They could argue that there is overpopulation in today’s society and around the world people are starving and going thirsty because of overpopulation. A utilitarian would say it would benefit the world’s population if a baby was aborted rather than taking another persons food. Another argument a utilitarian would make is that if a couple could not raise that child or would be alone (single parent) it would be better if they are aborted because it would put less of a burden on society having the mother not be on a welfare or government assistance lessening taxes for others and having the child from a broken home could raise crime and drug addiction having the baby aborted would prevent this from happening. Also some studies show that having a baby decreases happiness in relationships and sometimes breaks people up it could be argued that if an unplanned pregnancy were terminated the couple would be happier and when they wanted a child would love that child more. An unloved child would act out and cause a burden on the rest of society.
Utilitarian’s would be against abortion if it were damaging society. If there were a low in the amount of babies being born because of abortions it would damage society as a whole because we need people to sustain society. Or if we found that unborn babies sensed the pain of an abortion it would be against utilitarian view because the group of babies was feeling pain. Also an abortion could bring about the death of a great person that affects humanity. What if Einstein was aborted or what if bill gates was aborted? Humanity would be significantly different without those individuals and with that society, as a whole would be affected negatively by abortion.
I think that utilitarian’s views on abortion

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