Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: a Merger Proposal

Topics: Music, Utah Symphony Orchestra, Opera Pages: 10 (3777 words) Published: June 3, 2013
A1. Bill Bailey-The candidate appropriately illustrates, with sufficient support, how Bill Bailey, chairman of the board of the Utah Opera Organization, might use 1 theory of motivation to oppose or support the merger. Bill Bailey will support the merger by using the Equity Theory. Bill will be dealing with two different entities who value what they represent. The two entities are both considered forms of art but are distinct. In order for the two entities to come together they will each need to feel valued and know that their value will not decrease. The equity theory discusses six different aspects of motivating employees. First, managers need to understand the employee’s perceptions of the idea. The Utah Symphony and The Utah Opera are struggling as separate entities. The arts are trying to save both by merging the two together. Both are very strong in their beliefs that they can function on their own and that if they merge they will lose their individuality. I also believe they believe that one or the other will have more power over the other. (Kreitner, 2009, Organizational Behavior.)

Bill will need to discuss the merge idea with both parties. He will need to understand their perception of the merger and listen to why they think it would be fair or unfair for both parties. The equity theory states that it is the employee’s view of the situation that matters when trying to motivate a group. The second aspect is that the voice of the employees should matter when decisions are being made that affect them. Bill should allow the employees to voice their opinion and take into account what their concerns or ideas are. The decision will untimely affect both parties. It will be crucial to have bought in from the majority of both parties in order for the merge to be successful. (Kreitner, 2009, Organizational Behavior.) The third aspect is employees should have the opportunity to appeal the decision when it affects their welfare. When Bill announces the decision to merge the two parties, the employees should have the opportunity to appeal the decision. Bill will need to listen to their concerns and consider what the employees state. (Kreitner, 2009, Organizational Behavior.) The fourth aspect of the theory states that cooperation and teamwork can occur among the groups as long as they feel they are being treated equally. The managers of both parties need to know what the merger will mean for them and their employees. The employees of each party will want to know that they will be treated equally and that there will not be favoritism toward either party. The employees of each party will be more apt to work together and merge in peace if they know that they will be treated equally and fairly. (Kreitner, 2009, Organizational Behavior.) Fifth, if employees feel they are not being treated fairly, litigation can occur. Depending on the current contracts with employees, litigation could occur among different employees. Prior to the merger occurring, all contracts need to be reviewed and managers need to be aware of what is in the contracts. Employees are very aware of what they are entitled to and what rights they have if the contract is broken or altered. (Kreitner, 2009, Organizational Behavior.) Sixth, strong leadership is essential from both parties’ managers when Bill announces the merge. Tension and anxiety will be high when the announcement is made. The managers must handle the merge with confidence. (Kreitner, 2009, Organizational Behavior.) Managers need to have the ability to influence the employees they work with. They will need to be honest and upfront with the employees so that surprises are minimal when the merger occurs. Bill will need the support of both parties for the merger to be successful for everyone. Employees need to understand that changes will occur, but employees should also understand what possible changes may occur during the process. A2. Scott...
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