USS Maine

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U.S.S. Maine

The U.S.S. Maine was built in 1883 to serve as a small naval battleship. The Maine was commissioned on September seventeenth 1895 under the command of Arent S. Crownshield. The Maine anchored in Newport, Rhode Island until Charles Sigsbee relieved Crownshield as commissioner of the the Maine. In January 1898 the Maine was sent from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba, to protect the U.S. from early conflicts between Cuba, Spain, and the United States. Three weeks later, an explosion occurred on board the Maine. The Maine sunk and hundreds of men on board died. This caused outrage and was ultimately thought to be the reason that the Americans declared war on Spain. The explosion of the U.S.S. Maine was not a fair reason to start a war due to the fact that it was a secondary battle ship and the spanish did not sink the Main.

The Maine was built to be a military advancement, but the Maine was out of date by the time it entered services, this was because of its protracted construction period and changes in the role of military ships like the Maine. The Maine's building time of nine years was very long, due to the limits of U.S. industry at the time. For example, the delivery of the Maine’s armored plating took three years. In addition a fire in the yards drafting room, where the blueprints were stored, held up the construction even more. In these nine years naval tactics and technology changed radically and left the Maine’s role in the navy defined. The Maine was designed to serve as a armored cruiser or small battleship and was built with heavy armor. In the nine years needed for building the role of ships like the Maine shifted to commerce raiding; when the ship is faster, longer, and has only limited armor protection. As a result of theses changes, the Maine was trapped between to distinct positions and could not perform either one well. It lacked the firepower and armor to serve as a battleship and lacked the speed to serve as a cruiser. The...
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