Usp - Use and Effectiveness

Topics: Unix, File system, POSIX Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: February 26, 2013

IV Semester : I internals

Date : 08-03-2009Sub Code:07MCA452
Time :9.15 – 10.45 amFaculty: MohanaradhyaMax marks:50

Note : Answer any FIVE full questions

1.a) Explain the differences between ANSI C and ISO C++ with examples 6 b) Write a program in C to check whether a given system is ANSI C complaint or not. 4

2.a) What is an API ? How it is different from ‘C’ library functions 6 b) What are the common characteristics among APIs? List any four error status codes assigned to errno by an API . 4

3.a) Describe the data structures and proceedings involved in file management. 8 b) Explain the POSIX/ UNIX environment to develop a POSIX compatible application 2

4..a) Discuss the differences between C stream pointer and file descriptor 5 b) Explain the user mode and kernel mode of process execution 5

5.a)Differentiate between Hard link and soft link 5
b) Write a program in C/C++ to check POSIX features 5

6.a) Explain the purpose of read, write and execute permissions for directories. In particular,
why do you want directories to be executable?
b) What is the need of FIFO files in a system? At what point will a system pipe entity be deleted?

7. a) List and explain the POSIX feature test macros 5
b) List the attributes of a file that changes and list the corresponding command and system call5

8. Write a short note on
a) POSIX standard b) File Types
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