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Using the Power of Thought to Discover Your Talent

Topics: Mind, Thought / Pages: 3 (575 words) / Published: Dec 4th, 2012
“There is no problem that can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

Talents can be defined as your capacity for a near-perfect performance. It’s about doing what we are best suited to do. When you are using your talents, it just feels “natural.”All people have natural abilities and strengths that enable them to excel at something.
Sometimes, our talents are “undiscovered,” but are noticed, developed and enhanced through the people around us, who see and confirm our strengths. For example, has anyone ever pointed out something that you’ve particularly enjoyed doing and done extraordinarily well?

Most problems and challenges could be solved and overcome much more efficiently IF you would only focus more on the solution.Your thinking is magnetized. Your mind is a powerful magnet being drawn to and attracting that upon which it dwells. Especially the unconscious mind.
Many people attempt to think about and focus on solutions but they miss the key word in this whole thing. SUSTAINED. This means continuously thinking about solutions until they come. If you want answers this is non-negotiable.

When you assault adversity with sustained thinking about solutions, you become self-empowered with answers instead of dis-empowered by more seemingly un-rectifiable situations.You will eventually attract ideas, situations, and people that will provide the solution or at least a resolution so that you can move on.For some youths,discovering their talent IS a problem.However,

Here are 4 questions to help you ponder, reflect upon and pursue your talents. Try discussing them with your family or friends, or as an icebreaker over dinner or coffee.

1. Yearnings. Yearnings occur whenever you see yourself doing something well before you doit. You may have seen somebody else doing something and said to yourself, "I'd like to try that." Yearnings are strongest in childhood and can chart your life's work.

Questions: What have I always yearned for? What have I always wanted to try? What have I seen myself doing and not done anything about?

2. Satisfactions.
What gives you great satisfaction? Many people feel unsatisfied, even after doing something well, but gifted and talented people feel more satisfied when they use their strengths.

Questions: What do get the biggest kicks out of doing? What has been really most satisfyingfor you? What have you done well that left you flat?

3. Rapid Learning.
People learn more quickly in areas where they are gifted and talented. You may have an ability to do or to understand something that others find difficult.

Questions: What things in life have I caught onto right away? What areas have I just "plunged into" because I knew I would get it right away? What subjects and activities have come easily or felt natural to me?

4. Exceptional Performance.
This involves doing something with brilliance. For example, great athletes often report that they see things in “slow motion” before making a super play.

Questions: What things have I done brilliantly? What things have I done where my work was noticed for being exceptional? What do people who know me best say that I do particularly well? In what kind of activities do I desire and achieve constant improvement rather than “just good enough?”

Have you noticed a pattern or consistent theme in your answers to these questions? It’s worth taking notice of those kinds of activities as you discover and pursue your talents.

You Better Think, Think, Think!

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