Using the Concept of a 'World View', Identify Some of the Beliefs and Attitudes, Particularly to Education and Learning That You Bring to Your Learning Now. Reflect Critically on How Your Worldview Has Been Shaped by

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Using the concept of a 'world view', identify some of the beliefs and attitudes, particularly to education and learning that you bring to your learning now. Reflect critically on how your worldview has been shaped by factors such as your gender, age or community. In your answer refer to Hobson (1996) and Samovar and Porter (2004) from the SSK12 Reader, and Chapter 1 in A Guide to Learning Independently (Marshall and Rowland, 2006, 1-18).

Everyone comes from a different culture and has their own world view, based upon their upbringing and community values. Remnants of that world view will always remain throughout their lives and I am no exception. Throughout my own journey, I have formed outlooks and beliefs in respect to education, which I consequently bring to today’s learning. In this essay I will reveal those factors which shaped my current beliefs and attitudes towards education and learning, highlighted through the prism of my own experience and environment. I will start with my ever-changing world view. Then I will explain how my gender, age and the communities I lived in played a significant role in my decision making regarding education.

What is a World view? In their book Samovar and Porter maintain that the word world view “… is the common English translation of the German word Weltanschauung, meaning overarching philosophy …” With that the authors summarise all other explanations that may fit the description of a world view. They also state other factors which describe a world view, factors with which we are surrounded in everyday life. Those are our communities’ beliefs in God, questions about nature and the human race, the universe and everything about life, death and in general the perception of one’s world. (2004, 85) What the authors are pointing out here is that our world view is the basic foundation that is built and formed around our cultures and communities. Not only are we taught these world views but also they are shaped within us as a result of our experiences during our lives. Hobson also gives a good example with her own interpretation “By world view I mean a set of beliefs that we hold and through which we organise our understanding of ourselves and our understanding of others.” (1996, 30) She argues the importance of understanding the world views in order to gain knowledge about others and ourselves.

Based on the understanding of my own world view, I am aware that the beliefs and attitudes I hold today about learning and education are influenced directly by my gender, age, background and my community. My values and perceptions about learning contain a large portion of that original world view. However, it has gradually changed during the course of time. My new country encouraged me to embrace new cultures, to meet people from different backgrounds and to respect their beliefs. Traveling, studying and constantly observing new behaviours around me have also played a role in reshaping my world view.

Although I completed several certificates at TAFE as a contribution to my learning, I saw my gender as an obstacle to continue my education in university. As a woman and primarily a wife and mother, with my cultural world view philosophy in mind, I made a choice to exclusively devote my time to our children’s wellbeing and development. I believed that my education can take place later in life. This was not met with recognition and approval from the community though. “If one understands a culture’s world view and cosmology, reasonable accuracy can be attained in predicting behaviours and motivations in other dimensions.” (Samovar and Porter 2004, 85) The authors point at the importance of being able to recognise and understand different culture’s world views. Communication in multicultural communities could be much more efficient if more people were open to learning how to read the signs of different world views. Nevertheless, I knew that my time to study would come and I...
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