Using Team Charter to Improve Performance

Topics: Personality psychology, Trait theory, Big Five personality traits Pages: 3 (645 words) Published: September 27, 2010
The use of team is increasingly becoming the norm these days. “According to Stephen P. Robbins, a work team is a collection of people whose individual efforts result in a level of performance which is greater than the sum of their individual contributions. Teams, therefore, generate synergy by coordinating the efforts of the individual members.”

Team members need certain basic skills to function as a unit. One of such skills is interpersonal skill, understanding each other’s personality and the ability to provide information, support each other and also resolve conflict. A functional team needs to be able to make decisions collectively for the benefit of the team. Another vital skill of a functional team is a leader, for direction. Accountability on the part of every team member is a vital component of a functional team.

The team charter is a tool that would improve team performance because it takes into account the strength and weakness of individual team members based on their Jungian personality score. Some people are silent and submissive while others are sociable and aggressive; some are punctual and hardworking whereas some lack punctuality and are lazy; some are assertive and optimistic while some are shy and pessimistic.  

The personalities and attitudes of people are complex and difficult to interpret To complicate matters further, there is no agreement among theorists regarding the definition of personality. They define personality from a number of different perspectives. Team A, my assigned group for this class consists of three different personalities. My personality is ENFP, which is AGREEABLE for the most part. This referees to the extent to which a person subjugates his interests for the sake of the group. People who are very agreeable give importance           to maintaining harmony and do not insist that others agree with what they say or follow their suggestions. Agreeable people are good-natured, cooperative and trusting (trust others)....
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