Using Proper Tone in Communication

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Using Proper Tone
The challenge of online communication is that we have to depend solely on words to express our meaning. As an example, we do not have the ability to strengthen our communication in a positive manner with a simple smile or nod of the head, nor are we able to add body language or tone. This makes a simple message vulnerable to being misunderstood or to be taken negatively. Written communication also lacks visual cues such as a high pitch or deepening of the voice. When writing a message to a professor or classmates, I would keep the intended audience in mind and choose an appropriate greeting. I would then reference specific comments posted, reinforce course material or express a personal experience. The response would be a natural unforced conversation that is clear, to the point, and direct to an individual or the classroom as a whole. When talking with family such as my parents or elders it’s very important for me to use proper grammar and etiquette. I was raised as I raised my children with these words as important responses yes mama, no mama, yes sir, no sir, thank you, my I, and please. A word was never spoken out of turn and you never asked questions. The tone would always have an even balance in communication and responses were clear, concise and to the point. When talking with friends I sometimes use emoticons to express emotions such as being disappointed or laughing. There have been occasions when I have used upper case letter to convey excitement or shouting and even internet lingo to shorten typing such as lol (laugh out loud) or OMG (oh my god). Even though communication habits are a little relaxed they are still to the point and directed to an individual.
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