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Topics: Internet, Pornography, Social network service Pages: 5 (1603 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Nowadays everybody is talking about the internet, a century creation, which has converted the whole world into a single home. The use of internet has turned our lives to be much easier and comfortable. It is found that in 1990s the adolescents used the internet primarily for entertainment but at present they use it for interpersonal communication. Opportunities for youths to form, maintain and develop relationships on the internet have multiplied in the past few years. Along with the increase in the use of Instant Messenger (IM), internet- based chat rooms and social networking sites are also rapidly gaining prominence for the development of personal relationships. The fastest way to access the best of the information is undoubtedly the Internet. Browsing the net is considered much easier than flipping through pages of books in the library. Today’s youth find it easier to Google for anything on the internet. But is it good for them to depend on internet for all the information they need? Is Internet a blessing for the youths or is it just a way to numb their minds and make them dependent?

It is no good to say that the Internet is a curse for the youths or leading them to their demolition. It feels good to stay connected with our friends and relatives regardless of the distance and time. Today, we are all connected, day and night, across time zones and oceans and corporate firewalls. Thanks to the internet, that nobody is lonely and depressed today and it is a boon to be connected with anyone of any corner of the world. The social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Wayn, twitter, hi5and MySpace greatly help in establishing social contacts. The use of Internet offers many advantages. For example, you can get the latest information any time, easily and quickly, you can be updated with the latest news and happenings of the world, you can share the information you have found browsing the net with your friends through e-mail. Internet can be helpful in carrying out an online research, searching for information to complete the assignments and job works which is faster and saves a lot of time and it also helps in sharing one’s hobbies and special interests with newsgroups and chat groups. For students in primary and secondary schools, there is some tutorial website purposely made for them. They can study by themselves at home visiting these websites.

Internet has become a big part of our life these days because of the many things that we can get from it from the latest news and research findings to self- expression. Today, the Internet is changing the way we communicate, shop, study and conduct business. Also, online shopping makes it possible to find what you want at the best price. Internet has brought immense source of information that the world seems like a global information sharing community. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the invention of the Internet is one of man’s greatest and most spectacular endeavors. For, it has truly revolutionalized the world in regards to how we engage in business, recreate, socialize, educate ourselves and communicate with each other. The Internet has unlimited possibilities. What is more in medicine, the Internet is used in so called tele-surgery. The Internet makes it possible for a doctor to make surgical operations on patients in a remote control. Hence, the Internet is in fact a boon for human beings.

However, in many ways Internet is destroying man and his way of thinking. There are many reasons for the Internet being so controversial. The problem with the Internet today is the fact that anyone can access just about anything they want to from it. For example, pornography is a big issue because children are accessing adult content so easily without anyone having to know about it. The proliferation of pornographic materials is undeniably one of the alarming things that has brought about by the Internet. It does not only corrupt the minds of the young people that are exposed to them...
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