Using Internet, Cool or Fool?

Topics: Internet Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: January 16, 2013
What are you guys doing to kill time? Tweeting, BBM-ing, tumblr-ing, or playing online games might be the choices. Today’s era is filled with those sophisticated softwares and technology. Can you imagine a world without those stuffs? With no internet connection which supports those online things? Some elders may say ‘yes’. They have lived in the world without Wikipedia and Google which can answer almost all of questions. But for us, teenagers, we will say ‘Oh nooo! What kind of world is that? I can’t even live!’. Is that right? Internet nowadays has become a part of our lives. It helps us almost in all aspects. You don’t know the answer of your homework? Just ask Wikipedia. You want to get new friends? Just go and browse Facebook. Want to share your story to others? Just post it on a blog. It’s easy, isn’t it? Internet can be a media of banking and it is also used by government. With all of those multi-tasking works, internet is a miracle. But have you ever thought about its drawbacks? All good stuffs come with bad things, so does internet. Here are the drawbacks of internet.

Spending too much time just to surf internet can be bad for your health. If you surf internet with PC in a long time, it will not be good for your eyes. You will have to wear glasses because your eyes aren’t normal anymore. It’s the same whether you are online with handphone, there will be a radiation which is not good for your health. Not only that, surfing internet with wrong sitting position will give you sore muscle, or worse, it will change the position of your bones.

The miracle of internet can make you lazy. When you are able to know everything just by typing that on search engine, why should we work harder? This kind of thought will make everyone lazy. For example, when students have homework they will just copy and paste the article from internet without reading it. In the end, students don’t understand the lesson which is learned. People will just rely on internet and not doing...
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