Using Information from Item B and C and Elsewhere, Examine the Way in State Policy May Affect Family and Household.

Topics: Marriage, Family, Right-wing politics Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: May 25, 2012
In the UK, the family lives in a very less strict life, compared with other different societies such as China. Laws and social policies in Britain today are more likely to encourage or discourage certain types of families, rather than actually forcing them like China’s one child policy. Government agencies and institutions only seem to take important roles such as on policies areas of family life when things are supposed to have gone wrong, such as sorting out the fair share of possessions following the breakdown of a marriage. Most recent social policies in the UK come from a New Labour point of view, as this party has been in power for almost 12 years. Therefore, many of these modern social policies encourage the existence of the family, although not just in the nuclear form approved by the New Right. For instance new labour adapted the law so that unmarried cohabiting couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, had the right to adopt on a basis equal similar to a married couple. This has made adopting easier for unmarried couples with fertility issues, but the biggest change to have resulted from it is that homosexual couples can now, fairly easily, adopt children, changing to much more diverse options of families. This change has been seriously criticized by New Right thinkers, who claim that it additionally puts down the nuclear family, by removing the restriction on unmarried couples from adopting children. They also claim that, because they’re not being raised in the “natural” environment of the nuclear family, that children adopted in this way will be more likely to take part in crimes. Though, most feminists are in favor of cohabiting couples being given similar rights to a married couple. Liberal feminists see it as another closer chance towards equality, moving away from a feministic gender rule, as it changes many of the roles forced upon women by marriage, whilst affording them the same benefits so that they are not forced to marry out of need....
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