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Vocabulary is the set of known words and their meaning can be used by someone in a language. defined set of all one's vocabulary word that is understood by the person or all the words that are likely to be used by that person to make a new sentence. wealth of a person's vocabulary is generally considered to be an overview of intelligence or education level.

Nowadays, understanding of the vocabulary is generally considered an important part in the learning process language development or the ability of a person in a language that has been mastered. Children are usually taught new words as part of a particular subject, many adults who consider that the formation of a vocabulary of interesting and educational activities.

Exercises for vocabulary enrichment is highly recommended to use flash card for students, they can add and remember vocabulary easily as looking at the pictures. Flash cards can be used to learn virtually any set of information. In elementary schools, they are often employed to assist students with memorization of basic math principles. When used to teach a foreign language, flash cards help students review vocabulary words and their meanings. Flash cards are an educational tool to help people memorize information. Though technological advances have enhanced many learning devices, simple flash cards have remained a vital part of the learning environment. Education flash cards or picture cards card card is equipped with the words, which were introduced by Glenn Doman, a brain surgeon left from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the pictures on the card flas grouped grouped among others: the series of animals, fruits, clothing, colors, numbers and so on. cards are disclosed to be played by children and read correctly in one minute for each card.


1. Definition
According to Webster (1972:6) a set of flash consist of card numbers, words, and others. Flash cards are an educational tool to help people memorize information. Though technological advances have enhanced many learning devices, simple flash cards have remained a vital part of the learning environment. 2. The Advantage Using Flash Cards

For children at reading age, flash cards can be used in conjunction with word cards. These are simply cards that display the written word. Word cards should be introduced well after the pictorial cards so as not to interfere with correct pronunciation. Flash cards are a really handy resource to have and can be useful at every stage of the class. They are a great way to present, practice and recycle vocabulary and when students become familiar with the activities used in class, they can be given out to early-finishers to use in small groups. I sometimes get the students to make their own sets of mini flash cards that can be taken home for them to play with, with parents and siblings. Using flash card media also enhance student ability in memorizing and mastering vocabulary.

3. The Students Grade and Allocation Time

We decide to use flash card media on students in the early grade of elementary school, the first until third grade. Because young learner need a tools to improve their understanding and young learner prefer to play than learn, therefore; we must stimulate their interest and motivate them with using media which can grow their interest in learning. Moreover nowadays is a globalization era which is many games and things available in public, in information and communication era a teacher must more creative for growing student interest in learning. For the allocation time, we decided to use 10 minutes for explained the material and 20-30 minutes for the fun activities using flashcard. Because we think in vocabulary mastery do not need many explanation, the important is the practiced and the students memorize and also understanding the words.

4. The Using Media
On teaching learning process flash card can used as teaching resources and also teaching aids. It...
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