Using Excel Spreadsheet

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User Guide for Excel Modification

In this guide we are going to show you how to retrieve your e-mail in Web version of Outlook and change an excel spreadsheet. With your computer turn on, click on your web browser and type You should have a dialog box pop up you need to click yes. A screen will open for you to enter your screen id and password. When Outlook opens on your right hand side should be a list of items you want to make sure that inbox is in a blue box, in the middle is a list of all the mail you have received. Look for a message that titled Homework 1 Spreadsheet. Click twice to open the message. You should have a dialog box opening. Look at your message; you should see in the middle a link to download an attachment. Place your pointer over the link and right click on it. Scroll down the list until it says Save Target as… click on it another box should appear. We will save this to your local hard drive so while the box is open click on the My Computer icon. Then click twice on your screen name on ‘starling\home' and hit save. When you have downloaded your attachment hit the close button. Close out any other browser or dialog box on your screen. You have just completed the first phase of your assignment. Next we need to do is update your excel spreadsheet. So click on start find the icon that says My Computer click on it once. Then click twice on your screen name on 'starling\home' there you should find your document label Homework 1 Spreadsheet. If you don't see it scrolls down with your mouse or the scroll bar on your right side of the browser. When you find your attachment point at it and click on your left mouse button two times. Then wait for it to open. Now we need to make some changes to this document. First we need is to delete column C move your pointer to the letter C and click on it with your right button. The column should be outlined and a box will open, scroll down until you get to delete then click on it....
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