Using Body Language in a Speech

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* Introduce Yourself (Name, Job – IC and Motivational Speaker – Student) * Introduce Better Speaker Series (10 Speeches for Enhancing our Speaking Skills) * My TM & Public Speaking Background (Member since 2009 – Public speeches in four countries since 1995 including Iran, United Arab Emirates, Canada (Toronto, Chatham, Vancouver), and the United Kingdom) * The importance of body language:

* Repetition: they can repeat the message the person is making verbally. * Contradiction: they can contradict a message the individual is trying to convey. * Substitution: they can substitute for a verbal message’ * Complementing: they may add to or complement a verbal message. * Accenting: they may accent or underline a verbal message. Pounding the table, for example, can underline a message * Emphasis on sincerity, passion, and commitment

* Conveys nervousness (if exists)
* Movements keep the audience’s attention
* Body Language Categories
* Facial Expressions – the key to the meaning behind the message * Eye contact (60% first meeting. Public speaker)
* Gestures – reinforce verbal messages or convey a specific thought or emotion. Hands and arms (avoid fidgeting with jewelry and other nervous mannerism to prevent distracting the audience) – Be natural * Conventional gestures – symbols for words such as raised hand for stop (cultural differences number 2?) * Descriptive gestures – describe the idea you are communicating (e.g. holding the hands apart to show length) * Emotional gestures – suggest feelings (e.g. shaking a clenched fist to show anger and determination or shrugging the shoulders to show indifference) * Whole Body Movement – posture, stance, and movement – Be relaxed * Use video recording or a mirror to practice your body language or ask TM friends to judge it * Sometimes there are limitations (e.g. you are obliged to use the lectern...
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