Using Anthropology in Everyday Life

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Using Anthropology In Everyday
Growing up in Canada could be considered a hidden blessing we take for granted. A country that is so multicultural and free that one can emigrate here and continue to practise their traditions and beliefs. I grew up in the summer touristy town of Salmon Arm, British Columbia. A town so over-populated, during the summer, with a mixture of different people, that it became very “eye opening” to see the diversity of cultures that came through the town. Being born into a family full of teachers, it was not hard to discover my passion and future for teaching at a young age. My plans when I graduate are to first try and land a job wherever possible, my biggest challenge then would be dealing with “English as a Second Language” students, or as it is referred to elsewhere, ESL students. I then would love the opportunity to teach overseas. Even though I have many fears about teaching in a foreign country, I would find it to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. Although my future plans tend to lie in the classroom, my goals of travelling the globe and discovering new and great cultures will all be aided with my anthropologic knowledge. After completing a Bachelor of Education degree, my hopes are to do a bit of travelling in Europe before I jump into the workforce. With the help of my new anthropologic sense I will study the multiple countries and will always be comparing the many similarities and differences of each to the Canadian Culture. With starting my expedition in Germany, I will be a sociocultural anthropologist and study the German behaviour. Looking at the past, I will be asking such questions to myself of how different Germany’s cultural beliefs and behaviours are in regards to my own beliefs and values. When travelling to emotional landmarks of the Holocaust I will have to avoid ethnocentrism. It is not fair for me to judge Nazi’s for...

Cited: Santrock, J., Woloshyn, V., Gallagher, T., Di Petta, T., and Marini, Z. (2010). Educational Psychology (3rd Canadian edition). Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson.
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