Uses of Internet

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The internet is treated as one of the biggest invention. It has a large number of uses.  1. Communication: it is used for sending and receiving message from one and other through internet by using electronic mail. Some of the web sites providing this service are etc  2. Job searches: getting information regarding availability of job in different sectors and areas. You can publish your resume in online for prospective job. Some of the web sites providing this service are,,, etc.  3. Finding books and study material : books and other study material stored around the world can be easily located through internet. Latest encyclopaedias are available online.  4. Health and medicine: internet provide information and knowledge about field of health medicine people can have information about various disease and can receive help .patient can be taken to virtual check room where they can meet doctors. Some of the web sites providing this service are  5. Travel: one can use internet to gather information about various tourist place . it can be used for booking Holiday tours , hotels, train and flights. Some of the web sites providing this service,,  6. Entertainment one can doun lode jokes, songs muvis, latest sports updates through internet Some of the web sites. providing this service,  7. Shopping : internet is also used for online shopping. By just giving accounts details you can perform the transaction. You can even pay your bills and perform bank related transaction.  8. Stock market updates : you can sell or buy shares while sitting on computer through internet. Several websites like,, provide information regarding investment  9. Research : a large number of people are using internet for research purposes you can download any kind information by using...
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