Uses of Global Poverty: How Economic Inequality Benefits the West

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Capital accumulation Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 30, 2007
The piece done by Daina Stukuls Eglitis really points out the global wealth cap and how it is still very massive in size and growing. It shows the rich getting rich, and the poor countries remain in poverty with little ways to pull themselves out. It comes out to say that the previous administration had been making little progress on the task to close the gap between rich and poor nations, but since of 2002 when new administration was brought in, it seems that they may be focused on war too much instead of development. I feel the reading was very informational and really answered all the questions one is asking when they speak on the issue of global poverty. They even go through the situations such as countries giving money to other places that are not as advanced and have limited incentives and development. One of the sections I found to be really solid information was in point 1 on page 231, speaking about the clothing that one is most likely wearing came from a country that is in a low wage area which are located in of course poor countries. It throws out serious statistics such as the one upon working in China for an appeal company's factory will pay one about 23 cents an hour. It all just revolves around what is the greater opportunity for extra profit; ways to go about saving a couple of cents in order to for the top one percent obtain the cash. The readings in this chapter really open up one's eyes and see all the shady business that goes down through huge legitimate looking corporations.
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