User Behaviour on Social Networking Sites

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User Behaviour On Social Networking Sites in India
By Ekalavya B • June 4, 2007 (Rate this article) Loading ... Email It! Continuing our analysis of the Online Indian Youth – here are few insights on youth behaviour on Social Networking sites (mainly Orkut)…

Social Networking is set to be huge in India, with more and more players joining in – and especially with guys like MingleBox getting funded and Reliance backed BigAdda ready to spend a huge amount of Marketing rupees.


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So ever wondered – What exactly do people do on Social Networks? How many scraps does one send in a day? How many new friends per week? How many photos and videos does one share? How many communities does one belong to? Well we decided to map the online behaviour of 130 users on Orkut. A perfect blend of new and old users. Here are some of our findings: Scrapping? Scrapping in India has become as popular as the term Googling Scrapping means – to use the scrap book feature on Orkut. In short this is an openly readable messaging book:

Average number of Scraps by a user in a week: 28.1 That is pretty much equal to 4 scraps per day for each user. 8.46% of the users are deleting scraps on a regular basis. These are usually the older users of Orkut, those users who have become rather conscious of the widespread voyeurism prevalent on Orkut. Communities: Online Groups – Basic purpose is to bring link minded people together. We found out that communities are used more as badges than as a platform to interact with people. Eg: An I hate Himesh Reshammiya community – does not get much activity in the community forum, but it stands out like a badge on your list of communities. It’s a method of letting all your friends know about your love (or in this case Hate) for a celebrity / music band / brand etc. Average number of communities joined by a user in a week: 0.8 This is a pretty healthy number. The high average is maintained because new users on Orkut tend to join a lot of communities in their first few weeks. Most popular communities joined by Users are those of their Alma Mater (School, College etc)


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Fans: Here is a parameter a lot of users love to use for showcasing their popularity! Fans are not limited to having admirers of the opposite sex. In fact a lot of “I’ll be your fan – you be mine” goes on amidst the guys. Average no. of new fans a user gets in a week is an astonishing 0.68 which is almost similar to average no. of new friends one adds per week (0.71)! Friends: Perhaps the most important feature of a Social Networking Site? The first 2 weeks of a user in a Social Network is the time where he’s going to add the most no. of people to his friends list. This is pretty obvious fact. An added assumption can be that most of these are going to people he/she already knows. Here is a graphic illustration of the ‘New Friends added’ of a user whom we tracked for 7 weeks:

Photos? Orkut currently limits the number of photos you can share to a measly 12. Integration with Picasa Web Albums definitely beckons. The average number of photos per profile is currently at 3.43. The full version of this report will include more facts and figures like – Average no. of photos added / deleted each week, average no. of videos shared and deeper insights on all the above mentioned figures. The report will...
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