User and Privilege Exec Modes

Topics: Cisco Systems, User interface, Routing, Internet Protocol / Pages: 3 (696 words) / Published: Oct 26th, 2012
Concept Questions Page 24:
1. Q- List and describe three ways to access the CLI
A- Attach a rollover cable to the PC’s COM port and then to the console or auxiliary port on the router. You can also access CLI through Telnet, though the client must have network access to the router.
2. Q- Explain the difference between user EXEC and privileged EXEC modes.
A- User EXEC allows a limited number of basic monitoring commands, known as view-only mode. It does not allow commands that change the configuration of the router. Privileged EXEC mode gives you access to all router commands. It is usually configured to require a password to enter, as well as ID. This keeps only authorized users on the router. To issue configuration and management commands , you are required the network administrators rights to be at the privileged EXEC level. In order to reach global and all other configuration modes you need to be in the privileged EXEC mode as well.
3. Q- The naming convention for Cisco IOs releases contains three parts (for example, c2500-js-l). What does each part mean?
* Platform on which the image runs * Special features supported in the image * Area in which the image runs and whether it has been zipped
4. Q- List and briefly describe the purpose of each of the three operating environments available in Cisco routers.
A- ROMMON which is not IOS does not accept IOS commands, it cannot route IP packets. ROMMON software is stored in a ROM chip instead of flash. Another OS is called the boot ROM IOS, or (RX-boot mode). Related to ROMMON the boot ROM software is in the chip set as well. This means it can be loaded even if there is no working IOS in flash memory. Boot Rom is an IOS image, meaning it can be loaded into new flash when the image cannot be loaded because of other issues. IOS operating environment gives the router the ability to use all of its features and can be configured for normal purposes.

Router Boot Sequence Exercise on pages (26-27):

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