Usefulness of a Battery Charger

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Battery Charger

Kingsley Nwador
ECT 598.001 Senior Project
A battery charger is a very unique and widely utilize device in the world today. Its applications spread from home consumers all the way to business owners and industrial workers. But what is a battery charger, one might ask. A none technical definition would be, a battery charger is a device used to recharger my batteries such as in my digital camera. Perhaps a better definition would be, a battery chager is a device used to transfer energy into a “secondary cell” know as a rechargerable battery. A battery charger is actually a very simple device once one understands how its works. Below is a simple schematic diagram of a battery charger (Figure 1). [pic]

Figure 1 – Battery Charger Schematic Diagram
How does a battery charger work, one might ask. Basically a battery charger works by forcing an electric current through the battery by which at this time the energy is stored in the batteries power cells. However, this process is varies slightly depending on the battery type and capacity. One of the most widely used and common type of recharger battery is Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. NiMH batteries are made with nickel hydroxide and hydrogen absorbing alloys that are capable of asborbing and releasing hydrogen at high-density levels. The hyroxide is for the positive electrode and the hydrogren asborbing alloys are for the negative electrode. (Figure 2) below shows the stucture of the Nick-Metal Hydride Batteries. [pic]

Figure 2 – Structure of Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
As seen in Figure 2, the NiMH battery is made up of a positive plate containing nickel hydroxide, a negative plate plate composed of hydrogen absorbing alloys, a speparator that is made up of really fine fibers, an alkaline electrolyte, and the metal casing the surrounds the battery with a self resealing vent. Now refering back to Figure 1, this particular battery charger uses a Fast-Charge...
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