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CBM is one of the nation’s largest benefits administrators for self-funded health and risk management plans. They are client’s strategic partners and provides them with right plan for their business. They tailor plans according to the need of the client and provide third party administration services which help clients keep their health care costs as low as possible.

CBM generates reports for its clients by 15th of each month. It looks up all the monthly reports from previous years and after processing the claims and other information, generates monthly reports. It advises its clients on their budget plan based on the client history, health of its employees and expenditure capacity. CURRENT SCENARIO

Currently, the finance team has to collect and process vast information coming from internal and external sources. This information has to be manually entered by the team into excel sheets to generate reports. It generates separate reports for medical and dental claims. It further details on Inpatient, Outpatient, Prescription drug and Major medical claims separately. Since the filing and data entry procedure is manual, it can cause errors in the generated reports. The finance team has to collect data from internal teams like accounting, operations, beneficency and external sources like clients, stop-loss coordinators, providers, pharmacy vendors, etc. It has to collaborate and coordinate with all the teams and thus can lead to time delay at times. Also, the menial efforts of the team cannot be efficiently evaluated as there is no metrics system to measure it. The financial analyst has to decide the budget rate, calculate monthly budget, generate reports after manually filing data into excel sheets after collecting paper copies from various departments. This process being manual can induce human errors and can be time consuming. In the swim lane diagram below, we can see the flow of the process and various actors taking part.


The throughput is affected as a large amount of work is done manually by the finance team Involves a lot of time due to manual effort to fill data in the excel sheet INFORMATION
Profuse information is available for the financial analyst to process Information that is not in a useful format ( Hard Copies)
Information can be misplaced on loss of hard copies
Incorrect data might be filled as a result of menial work
Stored data
Data is stored redundantly in multiple files and/or databases Stored data is not accurate (may be due to human error)
Cost is untraceable as menial effort is involved
Input data is not adequately edited
Crimes can be committed against data
Information can be leaked to unauthorized people
Redundantly stored data is inconsistent in different files or databases Data privacy regulations or guidelines can be violated
Processing errors are occurring (either by people, machines, or software) Decision - making errors are occurring

Data is redundantly input or copied
Data being used can be erroneous due to human error
Information is redundantly generated as hard copies are used to transfer it A lot of time is spent for the tasks
Effort required for tasks is excessive
Materials required for tasks is excessive (Use of paper copies )

The system might produce inaccurate results
The system might produce unreliable results
The system or procedure is very long
The system is manual and takes a lot of effort

The following features should be developed or reengineered to automate the processes. 1. The automated new system should be user friendly
2. The finance team should be able to generate reports using the IT system in the following way a. There should be a login screen for the employees of CBM
b. The accounting team should be able to store...
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