Use Statistical Analysis to Measure Your Survey Results

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Statistical Analysis
Use Statistical Analysis to Measure Your Survey Results
Using statistical analysis is an easy way to understand your survey results, and make sure you’re on the right track. Mean, median, and mode will give you easy indicators for your rating scale questions allowing you to see where people fall on your scale in a few different ways. If you ask customers to rate their satisfaction with your product on a scale of 1-5, with one being very dissatisfied and five being very satisfied, it’s easy to see from a mean of 4 that you have happy customers. If you wanted to see how satisfied the majority of people were, you could check the mode to see that of 200 responses, 150 people said they were satisfied or a “4” on the rating scale.

Standard deviation and range both help measure spread of your survey responses. Use standard deviation to determine spread around the mean. For example, if the mean to our satisfaction question above was a 4 and the standard deviation was 0, you would know that all respondents had a satisfaction of 4. If the standard deviation was 1.5, you would know that the answers were more variable.

Use the confidence interval and the confidence level to determine the probability that the result in the population actually lies within the given interval. For example, if your confidence interval is (3.64-4) and your confidence level is 95%, you can say that you are 95% certain that results in the population will fall between 3.64 and 4.
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