Use Of Written Communication In Business

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Use of written communication in business
Businesses have numerous types of written communication that they can use to communicate. Written communication within a company can be used for example to instruct employees, keep customers up-dated about services and products, or communicating investors. In order to make the communication effective businesses must target the audience the message will be past to so that business is able to tailor the message. In addition writing should be kept clear and simple so that people can easily understand it and get the message. Here are examples of different types of written communication in business: E-mails

Purpose of most e-mails are too rich the receiver as quick as possible. Nowadays e-mails are likely to be the most common form of written business communication. This is simply because e-mails can be used in various ways for example to set up meetings, confirm appointments, send documents and contact work candidates. Even though e-mails are a virtual way to communicate that can be quickly written and even quicker send they should still come across as professional. Businesses have to make sure they address e-mails to all intended companies as even leaving just one person can lower the effectiveness of the communication. Also when writing an e-mail business avoid writing long paragraphs e-mails should be straight to the point, in order to do that key points can be laid out for example in bullet points to make it short and simple. Proposals

Proposals are there for the businesses to be used in order to outline upcoming projects they are often not more than one or two pages long so clearly they are usually kept short and straight to the point a bit as like with e-mails but with a different purpose to make someone aware of an idea. For example, business consultants and advertising companies submit proposals to businesses for projects. Proposal can be submitted for example by a marketing manager to the research and develop...
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