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Use of Statistics in Daily Life

By pinki420 Sep 03, 2010 455 Words
Introduction to Use of statistics in daily life:-

Statistics deal with frequency distribution. It is used to compare twoor more frequency distribution taken from different population to see if there are any differences between them. The statistics uses the following measures for the comparisson. They are mean, median and mode. Mean is the average of all the observations.

Median is the middle most value of the observations and mode has the maximum frequencies. Let us see the use of statistics in daily life.

Use of Satistics in Daily Life :mean
Mean can be used to see the average mark of the class obtained. This average helps to see how many students are above average, how many are average students and how many are below averages. The teacher tries to help the average and below average students to score more grades in future. In a factory, the mean of the wages helps the authorities to know if the workers' welfare is maintained. It also helps to compare the salaries of the employees of the different companies. In sales, the average sales in the district helps the sales manager to plan for increasing the sales in the future. The governemnt takes the average income and expense of the citizens to know whether the citizens rights are maintained. The family finds the average of their expenses to balance their finance. The average production of agricultural commodities, the industrial goods, the average exports and imports help the country to see their developments.

Use of Statistics in Daily Life - Median & Mode
Median is the middle value. It helps us to see both the sides of the middle value. It divides the information into two equal parts, one part lesser than median and the other more than the median. Median is calculated after arranging the information in ascending orer or descending orer. Median is used to find the students who score less or more than the middle value. Median is calculated to find the distribution of the wages. It is calculated to find the height of the players, in the points scored by players in a series of matches., to find the middle value of the ages of the students in a class etc.Median also determines the poverty line.

Mode:- is the maximum frequency.
It is used to calculate the frequency of the arrival of the public transport, the frequency of the games won by a team of players, the frequency of the needs of an infant. the mode is also seen in calculation of the wages, in the number of telephone calls received in a minute by the telephone department, the frequency of the visitors, the frequency of the patients visiting the hospitals, the mode of travel etc.

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