Use of Birds in Psycho

Topics: Alfred Hitchcock, Bernard Herrmann, Psycho Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho
In this literary research project, I will delve into this movie to show that Alfred Hitchcock drew many of the elements in this work from birds. (Hitchcock, Alfred Joseph. Psycho. 1960.)
I picked this topic because I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s movies The Birds and Psycho when I was in high school and I was fascinated by the ideas that he presented in those films. I was fascinated at how he used birds as antagonists in The Birds. I watched Psycho after watching the birds and I noticed that there were many elements of that movie that made me think of birds. Psycho was made three years prior to The Birds and I believe that Hitchcock eventually decided to go ahead and make a movie starring birds after he had made one that had so many references to them.

I have always been interested with how filmmakers think of and come up with ideas for stories. I have always liked making my own short films, but I have found that coming up with ideas for stories is always the toughest part. That is the reason that I would like the opportunity to explore deeper into Alfred Hitchcock’s works. I admire his works, and it seems to me that he has never been troubled by a shortage of inspirations. My struggles forced me to look to more unusual locations. I spent my days watching people and studying their motions and reactions to everyday situations hoping that I would find something that I could build on to. It seems to me that Alfred Hitchcock must have done similar things because he was able to create a masterpiece that captured an extreme psychological situation in great detail.

When I was in high school I wrote a short two to three page paper about all of the bird references in Psycho. The closer that I looked at the movie the more things I found. The name of the lead female character is Marion Crane and she is from Phoenix. Crane and Phoenix are of course, both types of birds. Those references are not difficult to notice, but there are...
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