Use of Animals for Medical Research and Education in the US

Topics: Primate, Human, Disease Pages: 1 (498 words) Published: November 3, 2014

There is estimated that 26 animals are used for testing, research and education in the US each year. More than 70.000 of them are nonhuman primates. Using animals as research subject in medical experiments is broadly condemned on two parts. The first one is because it wrongly violates the rights of animals, and second one, because it wrongly impose on sentient creatures much avoidable suffering. These two grounds are both deserve definitive dismissal. People using animals for medical experiments to achieve the product safety. Animals are damaged and killed to test the safety of new agricultural and industrial chemicals, food additives and household cleaning products. They are force-fed substances, they have chemicals rubbed into their skin or dripped into their eyes and they are made to inhale smoke or toxic fumes to see how poisonous they are. Thankfully, testing cosmetic products and ingredients on animals within the European Union is now banned. Other countries still test cosmetics on animals, but as of March 11th 2013, no new cosmetic products that have ingredients which have been tested on animals may be sold within the EU. New drugs and surgical techniques intended for people are first tested on animals. Animals are surgically damaged, given cancer, infected with viruses, brain damaged and injured in other ways in an attempt to recreate human diseases. In arthritis research, animals are injected in their joints (with collagen or various other substances) to produce the painful swellings and destruction of cartilage and bone that is characteristic of the disease. Animals are also fed addictive substances in order to study dependency. To find a new succeed drug may be need millions experiment. In fact, studies of the predictability of animal experiments consistently show them to be worse than random guesswork. For example, in one paper that reviewed drugs whose toxicity to humans caused their withdrawal from the market (1960-1990), only 4 out of 24 cases...
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