Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communications

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LHS1 - Use and develop systems that promote communications

Outcome 1 – Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own job role

Effective communication in my role as Business Manager is important to the business as a whole to create confidence, professionalism and a common goal/service. My role is important as I communicate with staff, service users, their families and friends, as well as professional individuals such as GP’s, District Nurses and Social Workers. I need to be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner at all levels to portray information and instructions timely and accurately. Communication links all working professionals together in order to deliver the best possible care to service users.

Communication is as much through body language as well as through the written word. Promoting open and effective communication through body language can be through open gestures and acknowledgements such as eye contact with service users and staff as well as open, positive body position and not crossing arms or legs and creating a negative barrier. The written word needs to be legible, clear and in plain English so that it is easily understandable to all.

There are several barriers and challenges to communication and these differ when communicating with staff and service users. Service users may have impairments such as hearing or sight loss or may be suffering from memory problems that may feel frustrated, not included and isolated. So it is important to adapt the communication method accordingly through speed of speech, waiting for a response or prompting through open leading questions to ensure they are included. When communicating with staff opens up a new range of barriers such a language, ethnical or religious backgrounds as well as varying ranges of academic levels. So I would need to ensure that I was using plain English and explaining any jargon as well as checking that they understood instruction.

The strategy to overcome the barriers to communication would be never to treat any one individual the same and carry out a mental assessment in each case to ensure that I adapted the style accordingly. I would need to consider the person’s mental capacity, ethnic or religious backgrounds and the environment in which I was communicating in.

Assessing service users then I would be able to identify any barriers to communication that may have and then would be able to consider equipment/aids that may assist them to communicate easier such as hearing or speaking aids.

Some of the factors to consider would be slowing down, repeating where necessary, using open inviting body language and always checking that I have heard correctly and that others have understood correctly. Spending time to explain to individuals that have been identified as not being as academic as others to ensure I have met the needs of others. I would also need to assess the environment that I was communicating for example in the case of service users I would need to consider the amount of light and the temperature in the room, distractions, whether they were comfortable and needed refreshments.

In regards to communicating with staff, I may use several different means such as email, text, memo or face to face after assessing on the urgency of circulating the information. I would ensure that whichever method I choose that I would check with all concerned had digested and understood.

Outcome 2 – Be able to improve communication systems and practices that support positive outcomes for individuals

To monitor the effectiveness of communication I would need to assess and review practice. In relation to staff I would be monitoring their outcomes by supervisions, appraisals and spot checks to see how they were performing and if this was within current guidelines and practice. This would identify areas of concern or improvement and a plan can be established moving...
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