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1. Introduction and evolution of the Technologies in our form of to work

Companies have often played catch-up in understanding how to harness new technologies without over-managing them. In the early years of the World Wide Web, in the mid-to-late 1990s, many organisations feared that employees would spend too much time idly surfing the Web, so they tried to control access. While some employees undoubtedly did waste time that way, many soon figured out how to unlock the power of the Internet to do their jobs better, and the Internet quickly became a tremendously valuable resource for conducting desktop research, tracking competitors and other corporate activities.

The latest technology innovation to hit the workplace is social media—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, Plaxo, Hi5 and Second Life—that let individuals connect, communicate and share information with revolutionary ease and power.

According to a recent study European Digital Trends- Shifting Consumption Habits of Comscore, 1 of each 4 minutes that we spent surfing the Internet, we do it at the social Networks. The strong grown of this habit has supposed that the people reflect each once with more detail "who" and "how" we are at the social Networks. There is no doubt that the social Networks is starting to have importance for the recruiter, above all, like a means of people's knowledge that the companies need.

On the other hand, the users insert each once more information about themselves, starting for the basic, the CV has a lot of formats on Internet. From the classical Linkedin, to interesants proposals like pinterest or a new formats for the Factbook, but, the most important isn't the CV, are all information that the users can put on their profiles: tweets, posts, blogs, likes... things that the recruiter have never had.

91% the internet user of Spain use the social Networks. We are the 5th european country and we are past to countries like france or Germany. EEUU position as 1 of the leaders on the use of social Networks, with 98% of penetration of Social Media, with countries like Brazil, Argentina or Hong Kong.

The social networks are the complementary tool for the recruiter, who can contact with candidates that are or not looking for a job, to find the ideal candidate.

Above all, Infoempleo and Adecco have done an investigation in order that the companies and the candidates can find them easy. This is an investigation of Spain:

• 50% of the candidates admit to have looked a job on the social networks and, a 45% state to have been contract for this media.

• 20% of the companies admit invest for the recruiting in this media.

• 80% of the responsibles of the selection admit to have consulted the activity on networks of their candidates.

• Only 14% of the selector admit to have consulted the information that has got on the Networks.

This scores are a good new because the companies have understood that the social Networks are the new methods for marketing, recruiting and company environment.

2. How to attract top talent and optimize our recruitment processes with social networks.

We have three methods to attract the best talent:

• Employment channel 2.0 (web, blog…) directed to candidates, with content that they provide value and transparent information and credible reality of our company and the attractions of working on it.

• With an active presence in social networks related to our candidates to attract them, interest them and redirect our employment channel.

• Talent Relationship Management, that facilitate the management of relationships with candidates in a personalized and optimize our processes of recruitment, selection and hiring.

2.1. Employment channel 2.0.

We can not limit us to maintain our corporate websites on a tab or button:

• With traditional static and simple messages about who we are,...
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