Usage of Handguns

Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Handguns are being used for the wrong reasons. In “Why Do People Own Handguns?” Pete Shields argue that the only reasons for owning a handgun are target shooting and hunting. Many people will disagree with Shields, but I agree with him. If we really want to try to stop the violence, there are other ways to seek protection instead of using a handgun. In the article, Shields provide many valid reasons why we shouldn’t own handguns. Handguns are usually used for self-defense criminal activities, and sports. Essentially, handguns convey the meaning of war, death, and pain, and I believe handguns shouldn’t be on the hands of anyone. Even though some people believe it’s a right to carry firearms, handguns should be outlawed because it’s too easy for criminals to get a handgun and too many innocent people are dying from accidental shootings.

Owning a handgun can cause physical harm or death, even if it’s an accident. People own handguns to protect themselves and their home because violence has increased throughout the country. We have law enforcements to protect us in a more professional way. We don’t realize that keeping a handgun at home can cause serious injuries to the people we love. In the article, Shields states, “The home handgun is far more likely to kill or injure family members and friends than anyone who breaks in.” I agree with Shields because family members are always around the house, even if the handgun owner’s not home, and that increases the chance of harming others with a handgun. Another reason why people shouldn’t own handguns for home protection is because during a burglary, most of hose handguns are stolen and used for more crimes. We are basically helping criminals commit more crimes. Shields stated that “…each year an estimated 100,000 handguns are stolen from law-abiding citizen.” Just by owning handguns, we are risking our lives. Furthermore, people are irresponsible and don’t know how to handle situations properly.

Handguns can easily...
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