Usa Today Swot+P Analysis

Topics: Newspaper, USA Today, United States Pages: 6 (2073 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Emilse G. Affaticati
Marketing Strategy
May 21, 2010
USA Today Brief Analysis

1. USA Today is the second largest- selling daily newspaper in the United States. It circulation had rapidly grew from 350,000 in 1982 to approximately 2.3 million today. 2. USA Today achieved rapid success due it innovative format: written in shorter pieces, using colorful photos chart and graphs, practical columns and at-a-glance boxes. The paper communicates with readers clearly and directly and it also faster to read and easy to handle thanks to its slimmer pages. Thanks to it late deadlines, the paper delivery more timely news that other papers. 3. The newspaper has a 1-800 and 1-900 “hot-line” numbers that readers can call for expert information on financial planning, college admissions, minority business development, taxes and other subjects. 4. USA Today offers an online version, that is one of the Internet’s top sites for news and information. It allows readers to receive up-to the moment’s news with colorful visuals a crisp audio, weather forecasts, travel information and access to the paper archive from the ‘80s to today information. 5. The paper offers USA Today International, which is available in more than ninety countries in Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. 6. USA Today is widely distributed via newsstand retailers, large grocery store chains, bookstores, coin-operated vending machines, and directly to the consumer through home delivery. Complementary distribution occurs primarily in hotels, airport terminals, and restaurants and at the college campuses and it’s also available in e-formats from the web page, mobile phone access and e-mails updates. 7. The company uses innovative promotion activities, like the “BusCapade” promotional tour and readerships programs for college students. The company accepts a variety of regional advertising as late as 6:00 pm the day before publication, and was the first paper that offered advertising space on front page. 8. has added blogs, RSS and podcasting to ensure that its news stays relevant to busy and mobile readers. Another technology gained through acquisition, PointRoll, is a service that allows Internet advertisers to expand their online space. 9. The paper has been continuously improving and updating its offer to conform to its target customers needs. USA includes a blog entitled “Pop Candy” where readers can exchange information and opinions about aspects of pop culture.

1. USA Today lost about $600 million during its first decade as it slowly built a national reputation. It took five year to move into profitability. 2. The paper was highly criticized because of its nontraditional format as distractive, focuses on celebrity and sports instead of real news, no interest in the world outside the United States, etc. also, it was quickly derided for its shallowness by journalists and labeled “McPaper”, due to its terse. 3. USA Today customer that uses the internet cannot receive updated news in real time unless they have access to an RSS-enabled mobile service. 4. USA Today product has a one-day shelf life, except for the online archive access. 5. The company operates in a low margin and high-competitive business.

The newspaper firms have been able to cut cost through the use of recycled fiber. USA Today is currently tasting cheaper newsprint paper from China, and its hope to reducing its cost. Adding online news allow newspaper firms to increase readership and cut distribution expenses. USA Today website receives about 55 million visits per month, even if the overall newspaper readership is declining. Wireless technology and partnership with companies such as Cingular, Sprint, Verizon and MobileVoiceControl; allows USA Today to maintain its readership. Another information-distribution technology is the e-paper. They allow...
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