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Topics: Newspaper, Broadsheet, Marketing Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: May 4, 2011
USA Today: Innovation & Evolution in a troubled industry
More news about more subjects in less time

1Life is turning day to day to a faster pace, increasing needs and evolution of demands, to achieve the objectives, goals and fulfill the missions of any company, the company must be on the same track of this evolution and fast pace in order to fulfill the needs of the market it is serving. USA Today, a great example of starting with what consumers need and progressive changes along with their evolution with its innovative way of addressing customer needs. The marketing researches that took place for the launch of USA Today, in the 1982s, turned out with two very important consumer needs, 1) Need for short spans, 2) A growing hunger of information. From here, USA Today started to focus, providing more news about more subjects in less time, at the same time the target market of USA Today was a very important and not considered market by other competition of National News Papers which is the young, well educated who are on the move and care about current events. Gannet, and after an in depth research, with his mission for USA Today to make it enlightening and enjoyable to the public, informative to national leaders and attractive to advertisers, he positioned the paper’s vision to be “the source of information that would provide more news about more subjects in less time.” From this mission and to position his vision, USA Today with its differentiation strategy was truly unique for its TV generation target market with its colorful, easy access and quick comprehension for its time pressed readers. Moreover, USA Today with its customer focused strategy and the marketing researches on the go all the time, starting adapting the paper more to the needs of the readers, with more of detailed sports stories, focusing on the national news, no foreign staff. However, the main means of the success of the paper was Listening to the Customer and giving them what they need....
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