Usa and the Soviet Union

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, Russia Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The USA and the Soviet Union’s relationship grew worse as a result of the peace conferences at Yalta and Potsdam, for many reasons. Some of the reasons were that in the conference is Potsdam, Stalin and Truman had disagreed with each other, on what to do over Germany, as Stalin wanted to destroy the USSR from its future threats to Russia, however Truman did not agree with this, as he thought the Stalin would make the same mistake as he did in the treaty of Versailles. I think that this reason was an important or big factor in affecting the relationship between the two super powers, is because that I think that Stalin was getting an impression that Truman was not on his side and did not want the USSR fall, as he could an tactical advantage over Russia.Another reason is because that Truman and Stalin had disagreed with the organising of the Russian reparations. During the war around 20million Russians had died and the Soviet Union had been devastated. Stalin had wanted compensation from Germany. However Truman was once again, disagreeing with Stalin, as did not accept his demand, as he did not want to repeat the mistakes again from the First World War. The third reason why their relationship had grown worse due to the Potsdam and Yalta conference was that they had also both disagreed with the Soviet Union’s policy in Eastern Europe, in Yalta Stalin had got the agreement from the Allies that he would be able to set up pro-Soviet governments in Eastern Europe, he said that if all of the Slav’s were to be united they would be unbeatable, this made Truman unhappy and concerned, so he therefore decided to take a more stern and tougher approach towards Stalin. However I think that the main reason why the Soviet and USA’s relationship between them had fallen was mainly due to the fact that
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