Us Presidents
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22) Grover Cleveland
Political Party: Democrat
Main Issue: Dispute with Canada over fishing rights. Controversy over the back of money by either gold or silver, or the issue of bimetallism. Institutions accepted one or the other, causing havoc and inflation/deflation.

23) Benjamin Harrison
Political Party: Democrat
Main Issue: Pullman Strike .Harrison’s presidency is marked by the high McKinley tariff, higher than pre-civil war tariffs and the highest in American history. He attempted to make it better than it seemed by introducing reciprocity policies.

24) Grover Cleveland
Political Party: Democrat
Main Issue: Surplus in the US Treasury was high, so Cleveland advocated tariff reform to reduce tariff rates, an idea opposed by Republicans but supported by Democrats. He did not want to take more than the government needed from the people.

25) William McKinley
Political Party: Republican
Main Issue: Despite economic struggles during his campaign, he was able to receive the Republican nomination, promising that high tariffs would lead to economic prosperity. The economy did in fact grow during his term.

26) Theodore Roosevelt
Political Party: Republican
Main Issue: Teddy Roosevelt took office after McKinley’s assassination. He was able to campaign years later.

27) William Howard Taft
Political Party: Republican
Main Issue: Taft was given momentum from the campaigning support of popular Roosevelt. Taft’s policies echoed Roosevelt’s greatly.

28) Woodrow Wilson
Political Party: Democrat
Main Issue: Wilson promoted the “New Freedom”, instituting less federal government involvement in monopoly powers.

29) Warren G. Harding
Political Party: Republican
Main Issue: Harding campaigned for a “Return to Normalcy” after WW1. This included three changes: isolationism, nativism, and the deviation from

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