US North Korea

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If I were to make a guess on why the US wants to stop sending high-ranking officials over to rescue American prisoners in North Korea it would be because they don’t want the high-ranking officials to be captured and put into prison. The Koreans haven’t done it yet to officials that have gone over but they might decide to. Another reason I think would be that the United States is going to stop talking and interacting with the Koreans because they are our enemies.
Do I agree with the US government‘s desire to stop rescuing prisoners from Korea. I think it depends on who the prisoner is. If they are a ranking official or someone important than I think we should go and rescue them but like in the article we should try to make a deal with the Koreans. A way we could prevent them from capturing US citizens is to stop sending them over there. If we didn’t send anyone to North Korea then they wouldn’t get captured and it would save everyone the trouble of trying to get them back.
Based on the clues from the article, I believe that Bae was forced to make the video. I believe this because he admitted that he had violated the North Korean laws. I think that he was held against his will and forced to say some of the things he said so that the North Korean government could have something to use against the US government to try and get them to come to North Korea.

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