Us History Take-Home Essay

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, William McKinley, President of the United States Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: February 28, 2013
U.S. History: Common Essay Question
Some historians suggest that the decade of 1890s is pivotal for American History. This is the era where people will exercise their constitution rights to fight for their well being and where government will start to realize their fault and to start doing their duty. The era of 1890s was called the era of Progressivism because it is the era where government powers progress in caring more about the general public then caring the industrial conglomerate owners who refuse to progress on and keep on abusing their employees. Throughout the decade, there will be example cases both domestic and international which trigger the government who need to be staying in power realize that they have to put fort their actions in order to save themselves and the country. These actions will results in many new laws and regulation being put to place such as immigration quotas, and laws that help improve Americans quality of life.

Before the Progressivism emerges, America was in its Gilded Age where the country lunges forward in terms of economic improvements. This result in Federal Government manages the country with the method of laissez-faire which results in the economic practices of monopoly of trade and a large number of unnecessary mergers of companies. Congregationalist Minister George D. Herron’s speech in 1893 best describes the situation prior to the era of Progressivism. “It is hardly disputed that capital, under our modern industrial system is receiving more than just a share of the fruits of labor and the laborer is receiving relatively less and less of the profits of his toil … it is to the interest of capital when it releases itself from moral and social obligations and looks only to its own increase to keep a huge class of unemployed men who must work or starve. The present industrial system could not exist were it not for the fact that the great multitudes of the unemployed have been brought to this country, systematically...
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